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 about bonnie


Welcome to Sugar Run’s website. Bonnie plays the upright acoustical bass fiddle. Bonnie sings lead on many songs, at least one of which she wrote herself, “Cold Mountain Rain”, which will appear on our up-coming CD.

 Bonnie started playing the bass in November of 2006 and has been hard at it ever since.

 Bonnie is originally from New Hampshire, but relocated to Virginia in the early 90’s.

 Bonnie’s musical influences include bass players Jim Martin of “Gandydancer”, Mike Smith of the “Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys”, and Meredith McIntosh. Vocal influences include Patty Loveless, Wilma Lee Cooper, Kathy Kallick, and Dolly Parton.

 Bonnie’s love-affair with old-time music began when she heard Mike, on one of their first dates, play a modal version of “June Apple” on his banjo. Her love of Bluegrass and older country music were sure to follow. She enjoys playing bass with some local bluegrass bands when not performing with Sugar Run.

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