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Indian Draft Metal works


Bonnie Johnson - Machinist, Mechanical Designer and Blacksmith

Mike Johnson - Electrician, Chemist and Blacksmith

Indian Draft Metalworks (IDMW) consists of the husband and wife team of Mike and Bonnie Johnson. We have day jobs, which provide us with sustenance. Alas, we would probably starve to death if we depended solely on music.

Bonnie is a Tooling Designer and Machinist. She was co-owner of a machine shop in New Hampshire for several years before relocating to Virginia.

Mike is a licensed Master Electrician (Virginia) and a retired Instructor from the Chemistry Department at Virginia Tech.

IDMW is located near Marlinton, West Virginia, on the waters of Indian Draft.

The blacksmith shop... also doing business as Indian Draft Forge... consists of three coal-fired forges (two stationary forges and one portable forge) plus the requisite tools.

The Machine Shop consists of an Alliant J-head style milling machine, a Hardinge tool-room high precision lathe, a South Bend Fourteen lathe, and a 4-gang Walker-Turner Drill press and all requisite tools.

Our current emphasis in Blacksmithing is to custom-make candle-holders for table tops, wall sconces, and mason-jar candle luminaires . We also produce Colonial--style utensils.

The Machine shop makes custom items including tools for blacksmithing and various items, including prototypes, for some of the research labs at VT, as well as to manufacture replacement parts for damaged or worn out machinery.

Sconces and "four-footer" candle holders made by Mike Meat forks and spoons made by Mike
Forge at Indian Draft Metal Works Kitchen utensil rack made by Bonnie
Bonnie twisting a piece of hot steel Mason-Jar tea-candle luminaire made by Bonnie
Textured Utensil Rack, made by Bonnie, with utensils and railroad spike tomahawk made by Mike. Skillet is an 8-inch foundry made. 1/4" screw holes for mounting on 16" centers. Railroad spike tomahawk made by Mike. Handle is maple. Tomahawk head is 6" long with ~3" blade (measured straight across the points). Handle length is 17 inches.
Wall Sconce, made by Mike, for 2-inch pillar candle, made by Bonnie and Mike (this one with a coffee-hazelnut scent...yum!) Overall height of sconce is 28 inches and candle center is 6" from the wall. Detail of one end of the Textured Utensil Rack, made by Bonnie.

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